The pain, shame and sheer overwhelming stress of being in thrall to obsessive and compulsive  behaviour can be almost too much to bear at times. If you are, or know someone, who is compelled to behave destructively, then you will understand precisely how monstrous the ‘hold’ can be.

There is no need for despair, though. Hypnotherapy is a powerful and unique way of overcoming obsessional behaviour and cruel, tyrannical thinking patterns. Although often misunderstood as a gentle or ‘aery faery’ approach, hypnotherapy is, in fact a very vigorous form of therapy. It works by bringing together both parts of the mind, and enables you to be of ‘one mind’ without any of the ambivalence which is the enemy of breaking free.

Hypnotherapy can provide you with a toolkit to work with at the conscious, deliberate level of the mind. It enables you to identify the tensions, triggers and associations that generate unhealthy behaviour and to put in place strategies which will protect you and keep you safe from self-harm. Perhaps more importantly however, it facilitates alignment with the unconscious mental forces, which when harnessed correctly, enormously strengthen  your ability to dissolve  destructive patterns and replace them with supportive, life-enhancing thinking and actions. Paradoxically, it does this though accessing, when is a deep, relaxing trance, your own wisdom, enabling you to identify, and  feel natural and ‘just right’ about adopting positive new behaviour and constructive thoughts.

Not logical? Well there is nothing ‘logical’ about the beliefs my clients have had that compulsive skin cutting and picking makes their skin pretty, that  gambling debts can be resolved by yet more gambling, or that getting blind drunk will get them the girl.  Hypnotherapy works with our deepest self to find the way through our irrational impulses and nationalisations, kindly, compassionately and relatively quickly.  The reward will be  your sense of self back where it belongs, along with  your dignity and self-respect, I promise.