Just imagine for a moment that your are just as slim as you want to be and that you maintain your new outline without strain. Sounds impossible? Not at all, with the help of hypnotherapy you can relinquish your old overweight ‘identity’ and slip into being your true self: slim, fit and healthy.

Remember, hypnotherapy works at the conscious and unconscious levels to build and generate strong and resilient psychological patterns that will stay with you for life.

Using hypnotherapy you can learn to comfort yourself properly, without food, open up to others, face conflict and cope, deal with confrontation and increase your self-reliance. It is not a magic formula. These psychological factors  have been proven time and again to be the underlying issues  which hold dieters back from being   their true weight. With hypnotherapy you can become assertive, be in control and  manage your life effectively without turning to food. When you eat, you do so in a good way. You enjoy and appreciate food so much more because you are eating  for the right reasons and not to appease anxiety, guilt, boredom,  fear or resentment.

You are comfortable to say good-bye to yo-yo dieting and all the self-loathing that goes with it. There is no thought of punishing yourself and going hungry. You   work with the automatic and unconscious aspects of the mind and body. You enjoy hunger and you love satisfying it with delicious food. You never starve because   nutrients and fat will be deposited in the expectation of a famine and your metabolism will end up at zero. You are happy to let go of late night eating too, as the body prepares to fast overnight and goes into storage mode. It becomes easier and easier to choose food that is nourishing and sustaining and to keep the metabolism burning on a high flame.

Be free of self blame too, as you nurture yourself from the inside with kind, positive thoughts and understanding.You will notice how the urge to overeat and to comfort yourself with ‘forbidden  foods’ ebbs away as your  self-esteem grows. The ability to ‘resist’ takes over, as you find it so much easier to tolerate urges to comfort eat. With no response or encouragement,  messages to comfort eat  reduce, weaken and disappear. Food no longer rules you and there is so much  energy to try new things, set new challenges and enjoy every minute of being you.

Finally, when you look in the mirror, you will be thrilled and delighted with what you see.