Have you ever turned up at the airport with clammy hands and a churning stomach or sat through a flight on the edge of your seat with fear? Or perhaps you are someone who has refused to consider flying  and settled for holiday destinations reachable by road or rail? If so, you will be one of the many whose lives are overshadowed or limited by a fear of flying. This unwelcome  phobia also holds us back  from progressing  in our professional lives because business travel has become commonplace  in many jobs.

A fear of flying is humiliating and undermining. It  diminishes  our  self-respect. We  may feel we are stopping our nearest and dearest from looking forward to an exciting holiday  they have planned carefully and anticipated for many months.    When we are a parent and responsible for little ones,  we worry about our phobia rubbing off on our children  and spoiling their innocent fun and delight in travel.

Hypnosis is  a very thorough but gentle way of eradicating flying anxieties. A good hypnotherapist will firstly assess the reasons for your fears. These may be buried deep in the part of the mind called the unconscious. Skilful discussion may bring these reasons to light. Often the fears are activated by a part of the mind which seeks first and foremost to protect us from harm and keep us safe. If the unconscious perceives flying as a threat, it has huge powers to prevent you getting on a plane.

 The process of hypnosis  persuades the unconscious  that there are better ways to keep us safe than  giving us a dread of flying. Hypnotherapists employ  many techniques to access our   unconscious resources,  but a professional will always tailor their methods to the specific needs of the individual. These approaches  include relaxation tools, visualisations, regression to earlier experiences as well as  unlocking deep,  inner strengths you may have not  have realised you have. The process is safe, calm and relaxing and you are always in control. You  can come out of it whenever you wish.

If you recognize a fear of flying controls you, don’t suppress or  ignore the phobia. It probably won’t disappear all by itself.  With the right help, such worthless fears can be banished, allowing us  to  enjoy carefree holidays or business travel.

When choosing a hypnotherapist, take your time to be selective just as you would when engaging any professional service and take time to ensure you get the right person for you.



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