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Five Myths about Hypnosis

 1. You are not in control Wrong. You can come out of hypnosis whenever you want to -  you are always in control. This is what makes hypnosis a legal state which is used by many NHS doctors and dentists.... Continue Reading →

Are you being bullied? Eight ways to find out.

Shakespeare asks how one can ‘smile and smile and be a villain.’ Well, if you’ve suffered from bullying you may be wondering too. It is the false charmers in the office who know how to bully their way to victory,... Continue Reading →

When pain is ‘All in the Mind’

Is every day a painful nightmare? Have you been suffering from  unexplained physical symptoms? Do you struggle to get out of bed because of constant chest pains?  Were you once a keen cook, but now  the contractions in your stomach... Continue Reading →

An easy formula for a great new habit

We are creatures of habit. About half of what we do is governed by habit, as the unconscious mind takes over and embeds our routines in our neural pathways. It is a nifty survival strategy, that over millions of years... Continue Reading →

Thoughts for the week

If you are undecided whether to have hypnosis, then you are not alone. Many people are tempted by news of the wonderful results but often hold back.....

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Can hypnotherapy help couples understand each other?

Has a surprise legacy turned your love affair to ashes? Has getting that promotion made love go cold?

Unlock your potential with hypnotherapy

This year is going to bring fresh new days and starlit nights and there is not a person alive who knows what is in them. Now is the day, the moment to take control.

Cure your overspending problems in three steps

Many people have problems with money. British households now owe an average of £54,000 which is an increase from £29,000 a decade ago.

Ravenous Hunger-Eating Disorders

The term ‘anorexic’ is often disliked as a derogatory label by many of those who demonstrate features of the eating disorder- after all as individuals, we are all unique.

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