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Ravenous Hunger-Eating Disorders

The term ‘anorexic’ is often disliked as a derogatory label by many of those who demonstrate features of the eating disorder- after all as individuals, we are all unique.

Impostor syndrome and how to unlock it forever…

Many people feel they lack confidence at work. Despite a track record of promotions, awards, exam certificates and glowing testimonials, some people still feel they could get found out as a 'fraud'.

Good self-esteem is the foundation of happiness. The basis for it is laid down in childhood but even those of us who suffered setbacks in our formative years.

Just imagine for a moment that your are just as slim as you want to be and that you maintain your new outline without strain. Sounds impossible? Not at all, with the help of hypnotherapy you can relinquish your old... Continue Reading →

Freedom from obsessive and compulsive behaviour

The pain, shame and sheer overwhelming stress of being in thrall to obsessive and compulsive  behaviour can be almost too much to bear at times. If you are, or know someone, who is compelled to behave destructively, then you will... Continue Reading →

End Insomnia Forever

Sleep, blissful sleep....sleeping like a baby. Is that an impossible dream for you? How wonderfully restorative and natural a good night's sleep is. To wake refreshed, relaxed and energised with a clear head after the full quota that you, as... Continue Reading →

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