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Overcome Fear of Flying with Hypnotherapy

    Have you ever turned up at the airport with clammy hands and a churning stomach or sat through a flight on the edge of your seat with fear? Or perhaps you are someone who has refused to consider flying... Continue Reading →


Five Myths about Hypnosis

 1. You are not in control Wrong. You can come out of hypnosis whenever you want to -  you are always in control. This is what makes hypnosis a legal state which is used by many NHS doctors and dentists.... Continue Reading →

Are you being bullied? Eight ways to find out.

Shakespeare asks how one can ‘smile and smile and be a villain.’ Well, if you’ve suffered from bullying you may be wondering too. It is the false charmers in the office who know how to bully their way to victory,... Continue Reading →

When pain is ‘All in the Mind’

Is every day a painful nightmare? Have you been suffering from  unexplained physical symptoms? Do you struggle to get out of bed because of constant chest pains?  Were you once a keen cook, but now  the contractions in your stomach... Continue Reading →

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